(apologies to John Austin Paycheck's "Take This Job and Shove It")

Take this badge and shove it

I'm gonna blow the lid off this case
The district attorney's behavior so far
Has been a big disgrace

It kind of makes you wonder
Which side he's on
Or if he's given
Up the chase

Take this badget and shove it
Into a very painful place

Well I been gather evidence
For 'nigh on a year and a half
Watched Koby, Arndt and Eller go down
As the Boulder boys reduced our staff

If Hunter is set on lettin' 'em go
Blind Justice, she'll be rooked
Take this badge and shove it
I think I'll make some money on a book

Take this badge and stick it
Way up where the sun don't shine
Haddon and you can have political deals
But I'm gonna get me mine

I crafted my letter very carefully
So they can all see I can write
Take this badge and shove it
I'll mkae a killing overnight

Take the badge and shove it!

(parody lyrics copyright Don Wrege, 1997-8 Eyesongs, ASCAP)