(apologies to John Denver's "Country Roads")

Sent the cops to Quanitco, Virginia

Alex Hunter didn't want to join ya
Access Graphics sold off to GE
But they passed on CEO Ramsey

Search the homes, look for clues
That we'll leak to the evening news
Lone intruder or well-dressed suitor
What a crock, search the homes

The house in Charlevoix has been fully inspected
A break-in was suspected but rejected by and by
Finally it boils down to the only chance we have
Is with the FBI and CBI

Searched the homes, behind the walls
Koby's stumped and the DA's stalled
What got in ya, pageant momma
The ransom note, ain't all she wrote
The ransom note, ain't all she wrote

(parody lyrics copyright Don Wrege, 1997-8 Eyesongs, ASCAP)