(apologies to Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places")

Does it seem strange to you

That the parents need two
Sets of lawyers when they're innocent

The first one they called
With their backs to the wall
Were all lawyers and partners and friends

They seemed so surprised
When the public surmised
That something was terribly wrong

In the dark Georgia night
If you listen just right
You can hear a couple singing this song

Oh we've got friends in high places
Haddon Morgand and Foreman and let's face it
The DA's outclassed
We'll knock him flat on his ass
Add a couple of Patricks, two legal aces
We've got movers and shakers and the deal makers
Oh we've got friends in high places

So if this goes to court
If the trial's long or short
It don't matter where the story begins
With a law firm this tight with the left and the right
There's no way we wont' win

'Cause we've got friends in high places

(parody lyrics copyright Don Wrege, 1997-8 Eyesongs, ASCAP)