(apologies to The Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth")

Nothing's happening here
And it's been almost a full year

Police chief Koby is weird
All he's done is cut off his beard

Next question

Stop, hey what's that sound
John and Patsy Ramsey leaving town

Hal hadden hunkers down
He's got the baddest law firm in town
His clients set up the ruse
All he needs is a jury to confuse

Take the fifth now

Stop, hey what 'ya say
Would you even represent OJ?

What a field day for the Tabs
The War Room and the crime labs
Details were leaked to the press
The cops know and and we can
Just take a guess

Wonder who now

Stop, hey make an arrest
Give 'em a lie detector test

Stop, hey put 'em on the box
Five'll get you ten one of them talks

Stop, hey, what you say
Keep the pressure on for JonBenet

(parody lyrics copyright Don Wrege, 1997-8 Eyesongs, ASCAP)